Who we are?

DataMoire is a guide, an usher

We are a digital data technologies platform with an original software. By providing 100% customizable questions, we collect fast and reliable data from online consumers to support our partners. With this enlightening data experience, we help our partners to reach their KPIs and sustainably grow their business by testing, analyzing and learning.

100% Digital

We collect digital data from digital foot and fingerprints.


We can integrate our software to other research companies and while doing that we can create 100% customizable questions.


We work for KPIs and sustainable growth of our partners and help them to have a genuine data experience.


We create data technologies to push businesses and creatives further and we work with moments while collecting reliable data.

We Create Opportunity

DataMoire enlightens the data experience

Our desire is to motivate our partners to use digital data more frequently and efficiently so that they would not ignore the power and significance of measuring.

We guide our partners towards sustainable growth as well as creating opportunities for creative works to advance with digital data analysis.

Our Brands & Partners

We put your goals and KPIs in the spotlight

We focus on the light,
since it's hard to see in the dark.

We enlighten our partners worldwide...

50+ Countries

500+ Studies

75+ Brands

DataMoire Products

Highlight what matters to your customers.

DataMoire lets data enlighten the future of our partners’ businesses by highlighting what really matters for them to reach their goals faster with its digital data technologies.

Brand Lift Study

Measure your campaign performance by getting insights from your target audience.

Audience Analysis

Understand your audience’s thoughts to create your communication strategy.

Creative A/B Testing

Decide your winner creative by getting real time audience insights.

On-Target Analysis

Double check your target audience with 100% customizable questions.

We can ask 100% customizable questions

Rather than using draft questions, you can customize each of your esntences according to your KPIs

We let you have a fast and enlightening interaction with your data

By using your own DataMoire dashboard, you can reach your campaign's status easily.

We meet consumer at the right moment

Regardless the platform, we are here to combine all your campaign insights in one single platform

DataMoire Technology

Our Technology is unique as it integrates all parties who are included in digital advertisement process.

DataMoire allows all parties of media & communication to get insight from consumers in order to develop the efficiency of their communications.

You can measure your campaigns in these platforms and more...

Adaptable Data Tracking System

Pixels which are created in the DM Dashboard are adaptable to any media platform and easily tracked from the DM Dashboard.

Consolidated Insight

All insights from different media platforms are gathered in one DM Dashboard.

Sustainable Technology

The Technology and the Dashbaord itself are adaptable to any media platform's needs and requirements.


All data are protected by DataMoire and removed after 60 days from the end date of the campaigns.

DataMoire Services

What are the ways to enlighten your data?

How to use the data?

Data Teach

Our team assist you regarding how you can use our technology.

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Data Give Sense

With self-service admin accounts you can also set & track your campaigns and have each campaign’s raw data via your account.

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Data Guide

Our account management & operations team assist you at each stage of your campaigns from set-up till reporting.

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